Investing early in mission-driven founders

Hyperion Ventures invests in early-stage, innovative technology startups with massive growth potential. Companies we back have passionate founders with unique insights into important problems who are driven to solve them no matter what it takes.

Some companies we've invested in

How We Support Founders

We bring a combined 40+ years of hands-on experience as founders and operators through all stages of growth along with a broad network of successful founders and operators who invest with us that you can tap into for funding, help, and guidance.


We have a founder-friendly approach and can help with funding strategy and pulling together your early rounds through to later stages.


Our extensive team and investor network can help with introductions when you're looking for new team members, customers, partners and more. 


With deep and broad experience as operators, we help you shorten learning curves and grow faster while avoiding costly mistakes.

Our Investment Process

If you’re looking to scale and grow your company from the early stages, the steps below will give you a sense of what to expect when you pitch us.

Application Review

Click the button below to share details about your company. We review all new applications from startups within 48 hours or less and will email you to set up an initial call if we'd like to learn more or pass quickly if not.

Meeting and Diligence

Initial calls are 30-60 minutes to better understand the team and vision to determine if we'd like to dive in and do more detailed due diligence. 

Investment Decision

If we decide to invest we will also do what we can to help you complete the round if needed, which can include advice and guidance on the pitch and introductions to other investors.

Invest With Us

Hyperion Ventures runs a syndicate on the AngelList platform that gives investors access to the high-quality deals we source through our extensive network of founders, operators, and investors.  

There is no obligation to invest - our members can choose to opt-in on a deal-by-deal basis - with investment minimums starting at $1,000 for some deals.

By joining, even if you don’t invest, you’ll see all of our in depth memos analyzing each deal that we syndicate along with pitch decks and other details shared by the founders we back. 

By leveraging the collective skills, experience, and capital of a larger group, we can help our portfolio companies execute better and grow faster.

Join for free with no obligations. Accredited investors only.

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